Marketplace Discovery

Marketplace discovery means that your product should be available to be sold on the right marketplace. As not every website sells everything.

Multi-Channel Sales

With the growing online business, selling on only one marketplace means losing on a lot of opportunities. Multi-Channel Sales is moving beyond your business and exploring different marketplaces. We provide you with a dedicated account manager, who looks after your sales and also resolves all the issues that you might face while working on multiple marketplaces.

Simplified Order Processing

Your account manager will be providing invoices that are manifested twice daily on your email, which have to be printed and pasted on your products sold online, as simple as that.

Go-To-Online Market Strategy

Our experts analyse and create a “Go-To-Online Market Strategy” for your business. This means analysing your current business and making sure it is functioning properly and for the right customer.

Product Photo-shoot and Listings

From your product photography to uploading products online is our responsibility. Our expert photographers and editors take high-resolution images of your products. Further, the team will list your products with the correct searchable keywords and proper product names to improve the visibility of your products. Consequently, the sales probability rises.

Improve product visibility

For the existing as well as old catalogues, we deep dive in checking every SKU (even size-wise) and revamp them using the right keywords and product names. If required, we suggest reshoot of a few products to revamp the entire catalogue and make it more attractive.

Managing Advertising

Advertising is key in today’s age. There are 1000’s of vendors selling the same or similar thing from their own brand. How do you set yourself out from the crowd? You advertise and tell the customer why your product is best.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is very important. And websites like Amazon let you talk to your customer directly and also reply to customer messages if they have asked any. And talking directly to the customer through amazon’s seller panel is a key to making that customer-your customer.

Marketplace Reconciliation

One of the most difficult tasks for any seller is account reconciliations. With us, you get assistance with payments and returns Reconciliation across marketplaces. Our experts also analyze your returns to reduce the rate of returns.

Catalog Building

Our expert team helps you be up to date with the latest market trends and season’s demands. We help you build your catalogue as per market demand i.e. what material, what design and what colour is preferred by the customer. And also, our team makes sure you are updated with trends worldwide.



eCommerce Expertise

Category Management with many years of experience in multichannel online selling


Pre-Optimized processes

On Day 1, get a team that has preset, preoptimized processes for all marketplace


Rapid Sales Growth

Our team of experts help you to boost your sale through the right processes and assistance.


Online Promotions

Advertising is the corner stone of building a terrific brand personality. Our experts help you in making sure your brand and your catalogue is promoted excellently on all social media portals. This is aided by creating Facebook and Google Ads. A part from this, we create and handle accounts on Instagram and Twitter to reach out to the maximum audience base.

Online Brand Building

It’s no coincidence that several of the most successful and famous brands had a glorious brand image. As true as it could be, a brands image on online web portals allows multiplied customer attention. Keeping this in mind, we feel more obligated to build a sustainable and noteworthy brand for you on all social media platforms. Everything right form account creation, account handling to customer queries is ably handled by us.

Merchandising and Sourcing

With more and more cut-throat competition in the e-commerce market, the need to increase your product portfolio across multiple categories is highly necessary. We visit reliable manufacturers and wholesalers and shortlist them based on the quality, innovation and pricing of products. These merchandising efforts enable our clients to increase product categories across different industries, while relaxing in the comfort of their offices. Moreover, we ensure on-time procurement and appropriate pricing of the products from vendors.